Friday, November 14, 2014

Greek Botanicals and Bounty!

Images and utterances by Barry Greville-Eyres 

Star-studded shades, shapes and textures - plane to see and about to fall!
A serene and majestic 'Platanos' Plane tree keeps a watchful eye over the fountain-head at the mountainous village of Danakos - Naxos Island 
Pure as Pure! Life force and blood of the Greek Isles - an ancient artesian aquifer/spring dribbles and natters away to heart's content paying scant regard to passing pedestrian traffic en route to the summit of Mt. Zas - Zeus Naxos Island

Produce of Greece - Naxos Island - 110% Certified Delicious

Elemental - Sea, Soil and Soul food!

Local markets are a favorite 'must see' and hang out place able to enthrall endlessly and tell tales like no other......

Something about figs .... voluptuous, perky, succulent, sweet and sensuous as..... 

Sparkling ruby-granates!

Zestiest and Orangiest Oranges Ever!!

And then there's the grounded nutty, wholesome and earthiness of Greece!

All by the numbers.......

Weekend market mayhem in Athens..... great to be a fly on the wall!

Tickled pinky orange - LOL!
Rainbow trout - fish out of fresh water - in an otherwise seafood market

Presentation and size counts......

Happy Fish Whisperer at a market near Monastiraki Square - Athens

The proof is in the taste - deep fried anchovies and sardines 'small fish' with Mediterranean greens including capers and olives 

Seafaring scuttle bug?

Little or no backbones here ......

Waste not, want not ..... cutlets of shark

Fruit on the vine

Mountain village of Danakos - wholly self-reliant and existing harmoniously with the bio-physical environment

Permaculture in practice

Danakos - carving an existence out of the land
On Naxos' highland and midlands hundreds of free ranging goats and sheep are reared providing a unique environment for the culture/production of the finest Naxian cheeses. Graviera is one of Greek's most traditional table cheeses and since 1996 has earned the distinction of Name Origin Protection for its Graviera cow milk. Its a firm tasty cheese characterized by a pleasant paleness, while its body is very 'space like' filled with irregular holes.
Stone, hand built livestock enclosures - kraals - on the slopes of Mt. Zas - Zeus on Naxos Island
Nestled in mountainous terrain close to Mt. Zas - Zeus is the bustling village of Filoti - Naxos Island. Vegetation is characteristically Mediterranean with olive, fig, oak, mulberry and Cyprus trees within the well-watered village confines 


A gall fruiting body - the red shiny ball - 'parasitizes' on the growing tips of this oak tree. New growth including buds and a developing acorn fruit is clear illustrated adjacent to the gall

Cross-section of the developing gall clearly depicting the gall wasp grub or pupa at the centre


Oak or acorn fruit and acorn caps from one of the more distinctive oak species found on the island of Naxos

Spot this oak .... yet another endemic oak species found on Naxos Island

Close up of fruit or acorns at various stages of maturity - exquisitely perfect!


Good Sir - reverence and respect - Old Man Olive Tree of the Land!

You wild, wild thing!

Yet Another Marvel of Botanical Creation!
Fruit of my arboreal labor. Approximately 40 000 olive trees are cultivated on Naxos Island ensuring the island's annual oil supply - obviously an ingredient fundamental for Greek cuisine
Simplest yet so satisfying - Naxian staples! Arseniko is a hard, yellow very tasty mid-strength table cheese that is used primarily for grating or snacking on in the form of slices or wedges. It is made combining sheep and goat milk.  




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