Friday, December 5, 2014

Just Cap-(tion) It!

Words, captions and pictures by Barry Greville-Eyres 

Cap-(tion) It! Make an intellectual statement by putting creative and descriptive captions to your 'social media' pics and images
 Two pet hates, probably more specific to the social than the conventional media, have galvanized me into muttering on in this regard. Simply put, I go apoplectically-ballistic when I come across poor quality and or captionless pictures and images 'randomly' posted with great regularity. This lowers the tone, not to mention the intellectual copy and the raison d' etre for the posting in the first place.
Enough said!

Afghanistan's premier and first protected area the Band-e Amir National Park - incredible landscapes in 3D

Afghan cultural custodians, environmental stewards and game rangers employed at the Band-e Amir National Park - Bamyan Province

Color tones, textured terrain and stark desolation under big skies - Band-e Amir National Park, Bamyan Province Afghanistan

Little wonder social media has become the 'dumping' domain of drivel, scams, hucksters, whackos and megalomaniac notice boxes. Similarly, in the age of idiot-proof ‘aim and shoot’ digital cameras and image enhancing software it's inexcusable to serve up photo-slop.


Here's looking at you........ and you too babe!

Kokopo - East New Britain - Papua New Guinea part of the Pacific Ring of Fire highly susceptible to seismic activity including earthquakes and volcanic eruptions
Under the Southern Cross, land of the Bird of Paradise and where you can expect the 'unexpected' - Papua New Guinea
Ethnic, tribal, biological and linguistic diversity of Papua New Guinea is amongst the greatest globally

ColorFest! A demonstration and interpretation of Papua New Guinea's extraordinary diversity
Summit Mt. Wilhelm - Simbu Province - Papua New Guinea
Likewise, although we all know that the SM emphasis is probably more on the SOCIAL side and less on the technical MEDIA, since most people are NOT blessed with psychic abilities or particularly vivid imaginations, to fill in the pictorial or descriptive blanks (5 W's and 1 H), I cannot fathom why people fail to satisfy the most basic of curiosities. Or is it that we have become so brain-dead and numbed by it all? Simply put - Why not just do it - or rather, caption your photographs?


United Nations Development Program (UNDP) - Afghanistan

Fellow and faceless South Africans - once Iraq's gentle and caring infidels - saluting them, their professionalism and dedication yet respecting their privacy and confidentiality 

Roadmap Timor-Leste!
It is, somewhat, worrisome that our modern, fast-paced existence is dominated by the social media which is typically overburdened with information; blitzed with all manner of video clips; excessive noise and clutter; and constant distraction. Even more disturbing is the fact that concentration spans are reduced to micro-bites as users gobble up, in Pacman fashion, the sensory barrage unleashed upon them by ‘sinister, unseen forces.’ This probably explains why users are ‘disabled’ to provide basic information through the use of creative captions.

Breaking free from the legacy and lethargy that imprisons the people of Timor-Leste
Timor-Leste's future! Waiting, with childlike innocence and enduring patience, for the journey to begin - how and when will we get their Maun?
Three years and counting into the journey with no end in sight!

Leaders are dealers in Hope - we look towards ours to elevate our hopes and aspirations

Even though we may not have the appropriate vehicle and the road may be mountainous and rocky we will maintain the faith!
In my back yard! (IMBY) Paradise found and awaiting in Timor-Leste
Whereas some of the classic, timeless adages that ‘every picture tells a story’ and or ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ remain true to this day, I argue that a picture with a well-crafted caption or description completes or can significantly enhance a pictorial-story. It can also be great fun playing around with and word-smithing captions to match an image - a crucial, new-age skill in our truncated and fast-paced world. The art is in narrowing the narrative sufficiently to ensnare attention and nurture enough interest for further, in-depth research, learning and knowledge attainment.    
Timor's rich, tais tapestry

Southern Africa Fly Boyz of Fortune! Members of the international community that have contributed to the development of fragile and conflict affected states over many years

Life beyond.....

Royal Malaysian Police - Formed Police Unit - an important part of the peacekeeping UN Mission to Timor-Leste 
Exuberance of youth - reason enough to be smiling and optimistic!

The summit awaits - top shelf beers and celebrations


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