Saturday, February 5, 2011

Monthly Montage of Defining Moments - February 2011

I’ve been incredibly blessed in my life and career and feel that its appropriate to share, spontaneously and randomly, some of these defining and memorable moments through a series of pictorials with the hope that they will tell their own story. Mates, personalities, events and destinations that have coloured and enriched my life are also depicted.

Ich bin ein Afrikaner and proudly so!

Pacific Island nation of Kiribati destined to be amongst the first environmental refugees as consequence of climate change and rising sea levels

Dash 8 en route from Goroka's Eastern Highlands to Port Moresby - Papua New Guinea

Ann (Melanesian) and Adiel (African) former work colleagues from the Australian Research and Development Support Facility - Papua New Guinea

Goroka resident - Eastern Highlands PNG

Exploitation or entrepreneurship - street vendor Jakarta, Indonesia 

At the core of our lives ....depicted on tapas bark cloth  - Tonga

Vili, Harleigh, Anna, Raelyn former work colleagues - Ministry of Education, Nuku'alofa Tonga

Pacific sunset - Kiribati 

Moses and John supervisor meal preparation with the ladies from Betty's Place - southern Highlands Papua New Guinea

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