Sunday, October 16, 2011

Timor-Leste's Revealing Road Show

Incorporating Luro-Lautem, Com, Baucau, Letefoho, Lospalos and Laga. 
Pictures by Barry Greville-Eyres

A dramatic hilltop depiction of the crucifixion at the small town of Letefoho

Treetop sunrise at Letefoho with mountain valleys blanketed by mist 

Letefoho's place of workship for countless surrounding rural communities

Daily chores begin early for willing and well-disciplined Timorese children always happy to share a bashful  smile

Baucau's life-blood - an abundant source of spring water which gushes out of the surrounding mountainside and turns the town, the second largest in Timor-Leste, into a verdant and vibrant paradise 

Remnants of colonial rule - a public recreational area within the heart of Baucau

Baucau's famous natural spring-fed swimming pool

Baucau's magnificent Portuguese colonial marketplace, worthy of restoration and natural heritage status, cuts a forlorn image at the centre of the town

Despite disrepair and dereliction, the Baucau Market remains a huge drawcard for vistors and adds to Baucau's stately charm and beauty

Baucau street scene

Damaged infrastructure as a result of the illegal Indonesian occupation provides a blank canvas that portraits a new and exciting reality for Timor-Leste

The Timorese are fiercely proud of the little that they have and the immense strides that the nation-state has made in recent years

Com at sunrise with its small, deep water harbour and beautiful beaches is fast becoming a retreat for people wishing to escape from the hustle and bustle of Dili 

Fallow rice paddies stretching almost to the coastline on the approaches to Baucau

Fish in a bucket

Undoubtedly an iconic depiction, in classic imagery, of this wonderful and promising country - enjoying centre stage internationally with the famous annual mountain bike Tour de Timor. The crocodile is a hugely significant reptile for the Timorese, culturally and traditionally, it is respected, revered and highly protected. 

The stunning vista from a WW2 Japanese pill-box located on the beach near Com

Presumably a Japanese defensive position about to be reclaimed by the sea near Com

Lospalos' main thoroughfare

Luro's church is, as always, at the centre point of community life

Roadside entrepreneurs eager to share their locally picked mangos

Derelict Portuguese-era homesteads near to Com

Proud proprietors of the Sina Guest House at Com where tourists are able to experience true Timorese hospitality

A roadside traditional sacred house en route to Lospalos

The community-owned and mined natural salt resource at the Bugira-Laga Salt Lake

Mountains of mined, natural evaporated salt packaged for passing trade

Sra Rosa's small business development at Com consisting of a Timorese guest house and craft shop trading in locally woven tais and other fashion accessories.

A seaside view of the Sina Guest House at Com - very affordable accommodation, great service and traditional Timorese cuisine

Room with a view - sunrise at Com's Sina Guest House filtered through the mesh of mosquito netting

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