Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Malindi - Kenyan Coastline

Pictorial and words by Barry Greville-Eyres

New Partner Partnership for Africa's Development, the African renaissance (courtesy of Thabo Mbeki 1997/8) ..... little or no arguing with this! Just love this classic Kenyan response which is SO cool!

Authentic Italian cuisine - smoked sailfish carpaccio served at Simba House - Malindi under the new management of Martina and Jacopo at E-mail:; Skype: jajosimba and Tel .: +254728293784 +254728293784  

Freshly prepared potato gnocchi served at Simba House - wholesome, healthy and delicious! 
The Winning Simba House Team preparing grilled red snapper - Mediterranean style with green olives and tomatoes. Chef Elias, Jacopo and Martina (L-R) with much to smile about!  

Bon Appetit!


Strawberry Crostata - a wonderfully light shortbread cake served up for breakfast by Simba House's Masterchef Elias

Spoonbills are waders that frequent Mida Creek

Eco-tourism and conservation - community projects of the Giriama people at Mida Creek with mangrove seedlings ready for planting out

The Giriama people wholly dependent upon and sustained by Mida Creek

A rickety boardwalk, suspended over the ebbing and flowing waters of Mida Creek, snaking through the mature mangroves is set to test the nerve, patience, and fancy footwork of landlubbers 
Guided canoe trips on Mida Creek undertaken by members of the Giriama Tribe is an interesting and fun eco-tourism activity on offer

Youngers do the heavy-lifting to get this traditional, dugout canoe to the waters edge

A key landmark on the Malindi waterfront - is the Museum or House of Columns. The structure itself is an excellent example of traditional Swahili architecture and contains many fascinating exhibits of archaeological finds dug up around the coast.

Another significant Malindi landmark is the Vasco da Gama Pillar - arguably representing the genesis of the Age of Exploration. The edifice was erected in 1498 by da Gama as a navigational aid and the coral outcrop or column is topped by a cross made of Lisbon stone.

Further examples of Swahili architecture in the form of holiday resort infrastructure  along the Malindi waterfront.

Near-side Malindi Beach on the low tide.

Far-side Malindi Beach still on the low tide.

What and Wi the Fi? This idea or need does certainly does not sit well with Mi.

Malindi town profile taken from the main beach

Earthy terra firma!

# 1 Aspect & Perspective - of Malindi Beach

# 2 Aspect & Perspective - of Malindi Beach

Bella spiaggia - Italian for beautiful beach and this is certainly an understatement!

Chillaxing at the Simba House with the wonderful, Swahili open plan design

Recline, fully, on one of the comfortable Simba House sofas .... tilt head ever so slightly backwards and cast your eyes sky and ceiling-wards ..... imbibe the rustic and earthy materials and design patterns ..... close your eyes and feel yourself drift away........... 


One invigorating way to start a Malindi Day at Simba House!



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